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Kernel chef, evil mastermind for hire

See that orange shirt in the corner of the picture? That’s Andres. I mean, the shirt itself isn’t Andres, but, you know, he was in it. Andres came over the other night, brought over a bottle of Shiraz, and expertly woked mixed vegetables while frying some Halloumi. Why? Because he’s such a frickin’ nice guy.

Then I prepared some free-range chicken in miso-damari and cooked a pot of Udon and durum whole-wheat rotini, which were served lightly drizzled with cold-pressed Castillo de Canena family reserve olive oil made from Picual olives.

It was great.

But I digress. For a couple of years, Andres has been OLPC’s kernel maintainer extraordinaire. Now he’s decided to move on. If you need a top-notch kernel guy with a high pain tolerance (he shared an office with me for a while!) who’s hacked on everything from PAM modules — Kerberos v5 and OpenAFS — to Trac, an Apache2 module, LVM, the Intermezzo filesystem, and a whole pile of other stuff, go read his resume. Then hire him before someone else does. I recommend him enthusiastically. (He’s not willing to relocate, so only Boston openings are of interest.)