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A new adventure

About a year ago, I left One Laptop per Child and decided to find a new adventure. Last August, I was admitted to the graduate program at MIT, and while I was fantastically excited to study with an extraordinary advisor, life had other plans. I did not enroll. But I’m still receiving quite a bit of e-mail asking what I’m up to these days, so perhaps a short update is in order.

I spent much of the last year devoted to my own research. I spun down various commitments, and took up a few others: I joined the advisory board for the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, became a member of the technical working group for Harvard Berkman’s StopBadware, and joined the Security Response Team for Python, my programming language of choice.

Earlier this year I reprised my role chairing the Program Committee for the 2009 PyCon. I also added a small sideshow to the conference: a summit for dynamic language implementers, with participants from 12 different language groups. All my involvement with the Python community continues to be both humbling and inspiring; I have yet to find such a compelling mix of intelligence, humor and interpersonal warmth in another technical crowd.

But perhaps most importantly, I have — at long last — found my new adventure. After a great deal of deliberation, I moved to California and joined the local fruit vendor.

Today was my first day on the job, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.